The Four Quarters

by Cryptodira

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Debut EP of Cryptodira.


released January 1, 2012

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Nick Shann. Album Artwork by Sean Kelly. Music written and recorded by Cryptodira.



all rights reserved


Cryptodira Mt Sinai, New York

Cryptodira is a 4 piece Progressive Death Metal/Post Metal band from Long Island, NY.


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Track Name: Asphyxiate
Losing air,
It chokes on another ominous jaded breath.
But, why is this so difficult?
Its ethereal presence mars the aesthetics
From outside perspective.
A lack of introspection.

Finding comfort in molested breaths;
Figure that any air is better than suffocating.
It's just equilibrium.
The air just isn't as thick as it used to be.

Conscious of this demon;
Breathe to deliver it from your throat.
Destroy bigotry; value understanding.
Restore the beauty of freedom.
Track Name: Anonymous
Pathetic attemps to feel superior,
Ludicrous malevolence proves your sense of humor but..


Slanderous, cowardice,
Sore and anonymous.
Sensitive malicious
Sore and anonymous.

Within withdrawn thought, they are sullen.
Biased idiocracy, compensate misery.

Have your fun, make your jokes.
You don't even fool yourself

So very bold, without consequence.
Directionless animosity.
Disregard all but perfection,
When perfection does not exist.


Slanderous, cowardice.
Sore and anonymous.
Sensitive, angsty, anonymous.
Track Name: Victim Complex
It's not your fault, I know you're indisposed,
So necessarily critical.
I understand all that you've been given cannot satiate.

But of course you're vicitimized by circumstance.
Indict all but yourself.
Strange to think that everyone has the same mindset,
Yet you're the only one who truly knows depression.

But maybe you don't, maybe you're no different
From every other ungrateful, narcissistic epicure.
Feed on pathos as false pariah and demand sympathy.

Perceive beyond your menial inconveniences.
Is it too much to realize?

Or are you just too inert?
Indolence born of ignorance.

Maybe you will find resolve,
No insouciance evolved.
Weary of luxiourious and comfortable existence.

I hope one day you'll find yourself..
Knocked off your high horse, a pedistal portraying
Suffering as means of obtaining attention.
Comprehend the rest of society.
You are nothing, we are nothing but..
We are nowhere near void of complication.
We are so high above all destitution.
We have everything, but so quick to opine,
We just can't accept happiness.

I hope one day you'll find yourself.

Everything is wonderful but no one can just be grateful.
Everything is wonderful..
Track Name: Amenity
Relinquish inhibitions,
Breathe slow and tranquilly and lead.
Only a life that you want.
Life's not long enough for supererogatory stress
and needless trepidation.
Go live.

Do not listen to people who try and tell you
that you can't live.

Realize that your own influence is
Omnipotent, absolute.
When deciding where your actions will lead you to,
see you through.
Yield for nothing that you don't believe in.
Rid all doubt, rid all doubt.
Happiness is everything needed.
Amenity, complacency.

Close your eyes, and prioritize what matters,
Disencumber dread.
You have a whole life to live.
Unwelcome pulls drag you to trepidation,
not relaxation.
Resist, find amenity.

Close your eyes. Inhale, exhale.
Do not ever run away.

I want to live free of pressure.

Freewill, return to me, make me whole again.
Without my options we might as well be failing.
Freewill, return to me, bring this corpse to life.
Without it we might as well be dying..
In progression.