An Unmarked Grave

by Cryptodira

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released January 4, 2014



all rights reserved


Cryptodira Mt Sinai, New York

Cryptodira is a 4 piece Progressive Death Metal/Post Metal band from Long Island, NY.


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Track Name: Descent

Evolve and survive
We evolve past survival
Egotistically stunted
We won't get anywhere if we are such narcissists
Ego ends collective growth

Evolve past evolving

Why should we have to compete
Unless our growth's not complete?

We can't run away from all of our demons
Focusing not on the past
With our most present dangers
Controlling the future but trust in me
There's no place to stay

There's no room for your
Empty hearts, selfish minds, destructive appetites,
Directionless hate and greed
And apathetic rule

If you're so fixated on yourself
That any empathy is a distant thought
Then I have no sympathy for you
There's no room for you

Humankind must march toward an affirmation
All to the rhythm of shattering glass

Survival is no longer based on our survival
Evolve and survive, evolve past ego

Draw another larger new circle
'Till we can no longer perceive it, then we
Draw another larger new circle

We will disregard (it)
Endlessly circumnavigating on its circumference
Ignorant (to the) processes that enable
Us to be ever expanding our horizons
We see it's not circles but spirals still
Within them there is no room for your:
Empty hearts
Selfish minds
Hateful thoughts
Lack of logic

Survival is no longer based on our survival
Track Name: An Unmarked Grave

The chills running down my spine
Must be a reminder from you I'm alive

Return, readjust
Filled with urgency

Suddenly and violently I know you're important to me
Precious moments perceived (individually, we all are completely real)
Forward seems an eternity, retrospectively a flash
Our time alive always (can be purposeful if we find that purpose within ourselves)

And if these reminders
Come from my grave being walked over
Bury my body in an unmarked grave

I cannot believe that we all
Only stay alive just because
We are more unsure and scared of
Death than we all are of life

We have personified death to find someone to blame
And place all our fears and confusions
Why not consecrate life this way?
And give ourselves someone to whom we should all say:

"I see you in everything, I can always hear you sing
I'm weary when you're not on my mind, and I find
I can't step outside your gaze, in it's warmth I'll spend my days
I am all that I can be when I am grateful you're with me
I am all that I can be when I am grateful you're with me"

Bury my body in an unmarked grave
Lower my casket back into existence
Lower my casket back into everything

A union of opposites
You can't have life without death - Or joy without fear, or time without space
Produce for us our history to use and
Forever expand upon
Produce for us a cycle - A cycle, a circle that forms two joyful eyes
That we can then effortlessly improve

I am all that I can be when
I am grateful you're with me

(I'm alive)